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Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

Welcome to the official website for the Miring People and their Country in Western Australia


The Mirning People

The Mirning people are the Native Title Holders of their ancestral lands on Western Australia’s far south coast. The Mirning people’s mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the enduring legacy of their culture, heritage and Country.

The resilience of the Mirning people is evident through their strong communities across Western Australia and South Australia. Uniting despite distance, Mirning celebrate culture and forge connections, working towards a strong future for all Mirning People.

The rich tapestry of Mirning heritage lives across the vast expanse of Mirning Country in Western Australia. As the Traditional Owners, Mirning stand as guardians of the ancient landscapes that stretch across the Nullarbor Plain. 

Through WA Mirning’s prescribed body corporate, Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (MTLAC), Mirning are actively working to safeguard Mirning Country. Through MTLAC’s initiatives, the directors aim to amplify the voices of the Mirning People, protecting their native title rights and interests.  

Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (MTLAC) is the Mirning People’s prescribed body corporate for their Native Title determination in Western Australia. The 32,711 square kilometers of Country sits along WA’s far south coast, stretching from Caiguna to Eucla at the South Australian border.

Established in 2019 by the Mirning People, MTLAC is responsible for the management of their native title rights and interests in Western Australia. Achieving incorporation two years after the 2017 WA Native Title Determination, MTLAC represents the community’s commitment to effective governance of Mirning Country and Culture.

The 13 seat MTLAC Board is elected by the Mirning People and includes 10 directors descended from one of the apical ancestors and three Spinifex directors. Each director serves a two-year term. Directors are appointed by their families at MTLAC’s Annual General Meeting.

The MTLAC Board serves a critical role, each member representing the collective vision of the broader Mirning community. Their hard work supports the corporation to move forward with important projects, programs and negotiations.

Members of the Mirning community

Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation’s membership continues to grow steadily. An application process is in place for those interested in joining. If you are a Mirning Traditional Owner, you may be eligible to apply for membership.

There are two separate Mirning Native Title determinations, one here in Western Australia and the other in South Australia. Because of this, the judge outlined specific membership requirements for Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation.

Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation is the prescribed body corporate for the Mirning Native Title determination in South Australia. Please contact them for any questions regarding Mirning Country in SA.

Explore our Membership page for detailed information on how to join the MTLAC community.

MTLAC has unique membership requirements set out by the judge during the determination. This means your form must be completed in full or it cannot be considered by the MTLAC Board. For more information visit our Membership page.

We’ve introduced a secure Member’s Portal for MTLAC members. It provides easy access to important notices, documents, and updates. Not sure if you’re a member? Get in touch via our contact page and ask.

News & Media

Stay connected with Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation through our various online platforms! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram  for real-time updates. Additionally, our members receive information via MTLAC newsletters and emails. If you are a member, please make sure your contact information is up to date.

We’ll also post updates on various projects and activities, including the progress of establishing the Mirning Marine Park, and Mirning ranger program, as well as updates on negotiations with the Western Green Energy Hub.