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Mirning WA Membership Services

Mirning Membership

What you need to know about becoming a Member of Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation

As a Mirning Native Title Holder you may be eligible to apply for membership of Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (MTLAC), and join us in our commitment to preserving Mirning culture, heritage and Country. Following the unique decision of the judge when handing down the determination, membership applicants must prove their direct connection to the Determination Area.

To demonstrate your connection to WA Mirning Country:

  • You must be able to provide examples of how you have gained knowledge, association, and familiarity with the land, its stories, and its significance. Participation in MTLAC activities can also be used as a way to demonstrate connection.
  • You must also be able to demonstrate your family lineage.

The MTLAC Board is bound by these requirements when considering membership applications. The application form must be completed in full or you will be asked for more information, delaying the application process. Applications are only considered by at face-to-face board meetings. 

Download a MTLAC Membership Application Form

Are you a descendant of a Mirning Apical Ancestor?

Membership is open to people who are descendants of any of the 10 apical ancestors named in the WA Mirning Native Title Determination. These apical ancestors hold a significant place in Mirning history and culture. If you need assistance with this the State Library of Western Australia has resources to assist with genealogy. 

Membership is open to people who are descendants of any of the 10 Apical Ancestors named in the WA Mirning Native Title Determination.

  • Mick Schultz or Pom Pom
  • Jack Mountain and Rosie Yalgoo
  • Tjabiltja
  • Gumilya ‘Carmeila’ Button
  • Alice Bigfoot
  • Clara Giles
  • Sally Broome
  • Gordon Naley
  • Dick Stott
  • Lucy

Are you already a member of MTLAC? Sign up to our Member's Portal

The member’s portal will give you access to exclusive content for MTLAC members only. Make sure you use your full name and contact information you have given to MTLAC so we can approve your portal access. 

If you’re unsure whether you’re a MTLAC member, you can contact one of our friendly staff who can search for you in our database.

For any questions or assistance with the membership process, please contact MTLAC 

Member’s Portal Registration

Once you are accepted as a member, you will be notified by MTLAC. Members of MTLAC can create an account for our membership portal.

The portal will allow you to engage with exclusive resources and community updates.

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MLTAC Member Responsibilities

As a member of MTLAC, you are expected to;

Governance and Law

Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation (MTLAC) operates under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006, or CATSI Act. This law is specifically designed for Indigenous corporations in Australia, ensuring they are well-managed and can achieve their goals. 

MTLAC also follows the Native Title Act 1993, which recognizes and protects the traditional land rights of Indigenous Australians. This law helps Indigenous communities by acknowledging their land rights, facilitating agreements with other parties about land use and management, and providing a way to settle disputes over land claims and usage.

The Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) supports Indigenous corporations like MTLAC by ensuring they comply with the CATSI Act. ORIC’s roles include checking that corporations follow governance and reporting rules, offering advice, training, and resources to help them meet their obligations and improve operations.

Code of conduct

Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC's code of conduct sets the standard for ethical behavior, promoting respect, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration among members. Upholding this code fosters a harmonious community, safeguards cultural heritage, and ensures the responsible management of our ancestral lands for future generations.


Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC's policies provide a framework for transparent governance, sustainable land management, and cultural preservation. These policies guide our commitment to community well-being, equitable decision-making, and the protection of our heritage, fostering a resilient and empowered Mirning community.

Ending Membership

Membership with MTLAC will cease if:
The member voluntarily resigns;
In the event of the member's passing;
Membership is canceled, and their name is removed from the Register of Members.
A member's status ends upon the removal of their name from the Register of Members as a current member of the Corporation.