ABC 730: Hidden Nullarbor Caves

Published April 23, 2024

ABC 730 reached out to Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation to discuss concerns regarding the Nullarbor caves in relation to the proposed Western Green Energy Hub (WGEH).

WGEH is a large scale renewable energy project proposed for Mirning Country in Western Australia.

MTLAC Chairperson Shilloh Peel stepped up to represent Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation in the interview.

MTLAC would like you to know:
  • Negotiations for an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) between MTLAC’s ILUA Committee and WGEH are underway but in the very early stages.
  • MTLAC is planning community consultations with the Mirning community to ensure Free, Prior and Informed Consent around the proposed project.
  • Mirning Traditional Owners will decide whether or not the project can go ahead on Mirning Country and will be asked to vote about the ILUA at a community authorisation meeting. This is still a long way off.
  • The caves are a priority for the Mirning People and efforts are being made to avoid them in the proposed project footprint.
  • MTLAC did not supply any of the photos or vision of the caves to the ABC, this was done by the cave divers.
  • MTLAC is working towards building a relationship with the cave divers to empower the Mirning People to know who is accessing their caves.